On Wednesday, an Iraqi military base hosting US personnel near Baghdad's international airport was hit by a Katyusha rocket, according to Iraqi security and military sources.

An Iraqi military statement stated that a rocket launcher with one rocket was discovered near the airport in the al-Jihad region in western Baghdad near the airport. According to the sources, no one was injured in the incident.

In recent weeks, US officials have warned that an increase in attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria is likely, in part due to the two-year anniversary of the assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

US-Led Coalition in Iraq Targeted 2 Years After Soleimani Killing

While no official claims of responsibility for the recent attacks have been made, Iraqi militia groups aligned with Iran have vowed to retaliate for the deaths of Soleimani and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

The attack on Wednesday is the second this week targeting the base near Baghdad's international airport, after two drone attacks were stopped on Monday.

Two explosive-laden drones were shot down by Iraqi air defences on Tuesday as they approached the Ain al-Asad air base west of Baghdad, which hosts US personnel.

On January 3, 2020, Soleimani was killed in a drone strike near Baghdad airport, which was ordered by then-US President Donald Trump. On Monday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that Trump must face trial for the death of Soleimani or Tehran would take revenge.