On Thursday, Adobe announced a partnership with Bolt, a San Francisco-based startup, to add one-click checkouts to Adobe's e-commerce software solutions.

Adobe, once known for Photoshop software, has expanded into digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities for businesses.

Offering businesses who use Adobe's software a one-click checkout function will help them compete against Amazon, which has long offered such a feature. It will also help Adobe compete with Shopify, which has its own one-click checkout platform called Shop Pay.

Adobe Announces Payment Services for Adobe Commerce | Business Wire

Customers of Adobe can use Bolt's one-click feature in their checkout screens as part of the partnership. Bolt has a network of roughly 10 million shoppers, and if it recognizes one, it can fill in their payment information, which would normally be a time-consuming process for many shoppers who quit their basket.

"We see a 60 % higher conversion rate when we're able to pre-populate all of that information," Bob Buch, Bolt's chief business officer, told a major newswire.

Bolt will charge merchants a fee when its network assists them in making a transaction, although the financial details of the collaboration are still being worked out by Bolt and Adobe.

Adobe recently launched payment-processing services for merchants, but according to Justin Merickel, vice president of business development at Adobe, merchants are not required to utilize Adobe's in-house payment processing to use the Bolt tools.

The deal, according to Jordan Jewell, research director for digital commerce at IDC, is the latest in a string of Adobe collaborations, including one with FedEx to simplify shipping complexity, aimed at helping merchants compete with Amazon, which held a patent on one-click checkouts until 2017.

"For Adobe, it’s about emulating what Amazon is doing and what Shopify is doing as well," Jewell explained.