The use of Tesla Model 3 automobiles in G7's fleet has been halted following a deadly accident involving one of the vehicles over the weekend.

An off-duty taxi driver was bringing his family to a restaurant when the accident occurred on Saturday evening, according to G7 Deputy Chief Executive Yann Ricordel.

According to two reports on Tuesday, one individual was killed in the accident. Twenty people were injured, according to a source close to the probe, with three of them in critical condition.

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According to French media accounts, the car collided with a cyclist and three pedestrians before colliding with a van, injuring seven people.

G7 has said that it will put 37 Tesla Model 3 cars in its fleet on hold until the police investigation into the case is completed.

A request for comment from Tesla was not immediately returned.

According to Ricordel, Tesla stated on Monday that an initial investigation had ruled out the vehicle's technical malfunction. The driver attempted to brake, but the automobile instead accelerated, according to the G7 executive. It was unclear whether the vehicle was in Autopilot mode.

"The first elements of the investigation indicated that the accelerator would have gotten stuck," remarked Jerome Coumet, mayor of Paris' 13th arrondissement, on Twitter.

Ricordel explained: "Today, there are two opposing viewpoints on the matter. While the inquiry is underway, we will keep the Tesla Model 3 on hold as a precaution for our drivers, customers, and other road users."

Tesla collects detailed data from its vehicles' sensors and cameras and has used this data in the past to refute claims that malfunctioning technology was to blame for accidents.

Ricordel stated that Tesla Model 3 owners in its fleet would be fully paid for lost earnings during the suspension and that the firm was searching for other options so that the drivers could return to driving for G7 as soon as possible.

He stated that the G7 was in communication with the government while the police investigation was being completed.

G7 is one of the largest taxi firms in Paris, with 9,000 associated drivers who are self-employed and own their own vehicles. Half of the G7 fleet is made up of electric or hybrid vehicles, with the corporation aiming to be completely green by 2027.