According to a legal firm filing an employee rights claim against Amazon, tens of thousands of Britons delivering things for the online retailer should be entitled to benefits such as the minimum wage.

According to legal firm Leigh Day, at least 3,000 persons who distribute via 'Delivery Service Partners' are currently self-employed but should be categorized as employees with benefits including sick pay.

According to the report, total compensation might reach £140 million ($191 million).Amazon SEO Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Rank #1 (2020) - JungleTopp

"Amazon delivery drivers must work defined shifts and schedule time off, but Amazon claims they are self-employed," said Kate Robinson, an employment lawyer.

The lawsuit is one of many in a long-running dispute with corporations about how employees should be classed at work. In early 2021, the Supreme Court ruled against Uber on labor rights.

"We are committed to ensuring these drivers are adequately rewarded by the delivery firms they work with and are treated with respect," Amazon said in a statement. "This is evident in the good feedback we receive from drivers every day."