Apple's stock fell slightly in premarket trading on Wednesday, owing to broader market weakness and reports of increasing pressure on the company's payments division.

According to a newswire, Visa may change the way it handles certain Apple Pay transactions in order to help banks reduce the charge they pay to Apple.

In addition, Apple officials have alerted Visa executives of their misgivings, and the scheduled modifications may not take effect.Apple - Home | Facebook

Apple Pay was introduced in 2014, and banks pay the business a charge if their cardholders use it. The costs would not apply to automated recurring payments like gym membership fees or streaming service fees under the proposed new method.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express card firms provide a link between banks and payment wallets like Apple's and Amazon's. They assist banks in loading money into wallets and facilitating money transfers from the bank to the wallet via debit or credit cards, and then to the merchant.

The move would apply to Visa cards in the Apple vs banks dispute, however other networks may follow.