For the next month or so, Japanese McDonald's customers will have to settle for a modest amount of fries after the fast-food restaurant announced it was reducing quantities owing to shipping issues.

The impact of flood damage to the port of Vancouver and other interruptions since last year, McDonald's Holdings Company Japan said in a statement on Friday that an expected shipment of potatoes from North America would be delayed.

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A combination of circumstances, including COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, extreme weather, and a rapid rebound in demand, continues to wreak havoc on global transportation operations.

As a result, starting Sunday, McDonald's will only sell S-sized fries for around a month "to make sure we have plenty of inventory and our customers can enjoy McDonald's fries without interruption." according to the company.

In Japan, the fast-food chain took the same measure for a week at its about 2,900 locations at the end of December.