Amazon announced on Wednesday that two regions on the US West Coast are experiencing internet connectivity challenges with its cloud service, Amazon Web Services.

AWS, a public cloud service provider, powers numerous firms' online infrastructures, including Netflix's.

According to AWS' dashboard, it was looking into internet connectivity issues in the "US-West-1 and US-West-2" areas.Todo lo que deberías saber sobre la certificación de Amazon Web Services

Netflix, Slack, Amazon's Ring, and DoorDash were all down, according to This suggests that the problem may be widespread.

Downdetector collects status updates from a variety of sources, including user-submitted issues on its platform, to track outages.

Twitch, Amazon's live-streaming service, also said that its services were experiencing difficulty.

Last week, Amazon's cloud services were disrupted for several hours, rendering Netflix, Disney+, Robinhood, and a bevy of other services, including Amazon's e-commerce website, unusable.