Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has stated that he will consider shutting down gas transit to the European Union if Poland closes the border as thousands of migrants are attempting to enter from Belarus into EU territory.

He said that any additional EU sanctions would be met with retaliation, including the stoppage of natural gas and goods transit via Belarus.

"If they apply additional sanctions that are unpalatable and unacceptable to us, we will have to answer," Lukashenko warned during a meeting with his government officials in Minsk.

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"We're heating up Europe, and they're still threatening to close the border. What happens if we turn off the natural gas there? As a result, I would advise the Polish government, Lithuanians, and other headless individuals to think before speaking" Lukashenko stated.

The authoritarian leader also stated that he requested Russian deployment of strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons to patrol his country's border and that he was considering shutting down cargo passage to Europe, as well as other measures.

Thousands more migrants, mostly from the Middle East, remained camped near the border with Poland on Belarusian territory, trying to find refuge in the EU. Lithuania, which is dealing with a similar crisis, has asked the United Nations to construct a humanitarian corridor in Belarus.