The owner of a British scallop dredger seized by France stated that the ship is still being held in the port of Le Havre, despite a British minister saying the vessel has been released by French officials.

The French seized the British dredger, Cornelis Gert Jan, in French waters near Le Havre last Wednesday, capping off the post-Brexit dispute over fish. 

"As far as we know," Andrew Brown, a director of Macduff Shellfish, which owns the Cornelis Gert Jan, stated, "the vessel remains held at the port of Le Havre at least until the hearing tomorrow."

UK boat detained by France amid fishing rights row - BBC News

Earlier, British Environment Secretary George Eustice stated that he believed the ship had been released by France. "Yes, that vessel, I understand, has now been released," Eustice responded when asked if the impounded vessel had been released. 

Ship tracking data shows that the vessel is in Le Havre. According to a source in Le Havre, the vessel was still berthed at the dockside on Tuesday morning, with no evidence of preparations to cast off.

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that trade sanctions against Britain would be postponed in order for negotiators from both sides to work on new suggestions to resolve their dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights.

"The French have decided to back down from the threats they made," Eustice said, "we welcome that.”