A federal judge has dismissed a $10 billion lawsuit filed by media mogul Byron Allen against McDonald's, alleging racial discrimination in the fast-food chain's refusal to advertise with Black-owned media outlets.

Two firms controlled by Allen did not provide enough factual information to establish that McDonald's "intentionally and purposefully discriminated against them." according to U.S. District Judge Fernando Olguin in Los Angeles, who wrote on Tuesday.

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According to Allen's complaint, McDonald's has refused to advertise on its Entertainment Studios Networks lifestyle channels since its introduction in 2009, or on The Weather Channel since Allen purchased its parent company, Weather Group, in 2018.

Allen said that McDonald's commercial spending demonstrated "racial animus and racial stereotyping." at the Chicago-based corporation.

Allen can file an updated complaint, according to Olguin.

In an email on Wednesday, Allen's lawyer, Louis "We will be adding more details to the complaint as directed by the court; and fully expect the case to go forward with discovery and trial," Miller, said, "Skip"

In a statement released by the company, Loretta Lynch, a lawyer representing McDonald's, said, "This case is about revenue, not race," "We believe there is no evidence supporting this meritless case."