According to Consumer Reports, Tesla vehicles and electric sport utility vehicles from competitor brands are among the least reliable models sold in the United States, highlighting the hazards of new technology.

Tesla, the world's most valued automaker, scored 27th out of 28 brands, barely ahead of Ford Motor Lincoln brand, according to Consumer Reports, a nonprofit organization that assesses products and services.

During a presentation to the Detroit Automotive Press Association on Thursday, Consumer Reports head of vehicle testing Jake Fisher said, "Electric SUVs as a vehicle category are the absolute bottom in terms of reliability."

"The only one with above-average reliability" among electric SUVs, according to Fisher, is Ford Motor Company's Mustang Mach-E.

The Tesla Model 3 vehicle is recommended by Consumer Reports, and its reliability is rated as "average." However, according to Fisher, the rest of Tesla's vehicles are below average.New Tesla Roadster Delayed Again, Now Shooting For 2023

According to Fisher, the popular Model Y SUV, Tesla's best-selling vehicle, has concerns with improperly fitting body panels, leaks, and climate control issues.

The falcon-wing doors on the larger Model X SUV "are still a concern," Fisher added.