Creatd stock soared Friday on news that WHE Agency, a Creatd subsidiary, had signed creative Alexis LaRue.

Creatd's stock price soared to a high of $9.75 as a result of the announcement. It has subsequently given up some of its initial gains, but it is still trading around $7.33, up more than 151%.

LaRue, 22, swiftly rose to prominence on TikTok after she began posting content on the social media platform depicting her life as a new mother to twin kids.

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She has garnered attention, with her posts having tens of millions of views to date, and she has nearly 800,000 followers across many platforms.

"Signing with WHE provides creators with the key resources and support they need to maximize visibility, accelerate traction and gain opportunities that are geared toward the long term," stated Tracy Willis, CEO of WHE.

"I am confident that, by leveraging WHE's guidance and brand relationships, and Creatd's Vocal platform and operational resources, this relationship will be a fruitful one for the Mejia family, WHE, and Creatd," Willis concluded.