Digital Brands Group announced on Thursday that DSTLD is now available on Amazon Prime, as well as a new affiliate program for all of its brands.

The stock of DBGI has increased by 60% to roughly $5.

"We feel that the additional time and effort required to qualify for Amazon Prime will result in far higher short and long-term value than simply selling as a third party on Amazon," said Laura Dowling, chief marketing officer of Digital Brands Group.Digital Brands Group - The Industry Fashion

In addition, DSTLD's Brand Store, which will include DSTLD films and branded material, will launch on Amazon in the next three days.

In addition, the company announced the creation of an affiliate program for all of its brands.

"We're pleased to finally enter our growth phase, and we believe these programs will demonstrate the potential of our platform as well as the growth opportunities for Q4 2021 and 2022," said Hil Davis, DBGI's CEO.