The Eurozone’s economic recovery continues to lose momentum, according to the Sentix Economic Index. The overall index dropped for the 3rd consecutive time, to 16.9 points. Expectations fell for the 5th consecutive time, reaching 8 points. Following the Bundestag elections, the current assessment in Germany decreased by 5 points, however the expectations component was able to compensate for the global loss of momentum and climbed by 2.7 points. Overall, the signs for the global economy continue to indicate a "mid-cycle downturn." This mid-cycle slowdown is making inroads in the major economic regions, most notably in the US. The Asia ex-Japan region is also still affected.

In Germany, the overall index decreased by 0.9 points, though the Expectations index increased by 2.7 points.

In the US, the overall index decreased for the 5th consecutive time, dropping to 25.7 points. This is the lowest result since February, and 18.8 points below the peak reached in May. Furthermore, the current assessment recorded a decline. Expectations remained positive, but showed no signs of improvement.

For the Asia ex-Japan region, the overall index decreased for the 6th consecutive time, to 15.7 points and the lowest value since October 2020. The current situation also declined sharply, reaching 19.5 points.