Despite the online game platform's indicators in November showing an increase year over year, Roblox Corp shares are down 11.6%.

Roblox stock is presently selling at $95.17 per share.

During the month, the number of daily active users increased by 35% year over year to 49.4 million, while the number of hours spent on the platform increased by 32% to 3.6 billion.

Bookings were estimated to reach between $208 million and $211 million, up 22% to 24% year over year. However, average daily active user bookings were anticipated to be between $4.21 and $4.27, down 8% to 9%. As a result, Roblox anticipates revenue of $184 million to $187 million, representing an increase of 84% to 87%.What Is Roblox? Meet the Game Over Half of U.S. Kids Play

Some may have expected a muted, if not slightly positive, reaction, given that the majority of the data was up from the previous year. However, the reported figures fell short of expectations. Drew Crum of Stifel Nicolaus estimated November bookings at roughly $220 million.

In a message to investors, Crum said, "Results came in slightly below our expectations and appeared to track the historical trend line where November normally enjoys a minor sequential uptick vs. October."

"We anticipate a drop in stock prices as a result of this news. As a result, because December is the most crucial month for CY4Q seasonally, we are not making any revisions to estimates at this time " he added.