According to the government, foreign investment arrangements in low-carbon sectors will create roughly 30,000 jobs in the UK when they are revealed on Tuesday.


As he starts a global investment forum, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to unveil 18 new projects totalling £9.7 billion.

Investments in wind and hydrogen energy, sustainable houses, and carbon capture are among them.

Investments from companies like Iberdrola, a Spanish energy company, Prologis, a logistics company, and Getir, a supermarket delivery service, would boost the UK's economic recovery and achieve the government's levelling up goal.

The event has been scheduled to coincide with announcements of roughly £10 billion in investment in the UK.

Iberdrola, the Spanish company that controls Scottish Power, has made by far the largest single investment. Its announcement of an additional £6 billion in offshore wind investment, on top of the £10 billion it has invested in the last five years, will solidify the UK's position as a global leader in the sector, just two weeks before the crucial climate summit in Glasgow.

Meanwhile, Getir intends to invest additional money in growing its operations across the United Kingdom. The company operates an electric car fleet and plans to hire 7,000 permanent employees by 2022.

The UK government is set to unveil its comprehensive strategy for lowering greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors, including business, agriculture, transportation, and households, on Tuesday.

The government has vowed to drastically reduce emissions by 2035 and to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, which means the country would absorb as much carbon dioxide as it emits (via initiatives such as tree planting)

Investors had recognised "the massive potential in the UK growth and innovation" according to the prime minister.