France has enough secured gas supply to get through the winter, French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said on Tuesday, adding that this was true in "any scenario," referring specifically to the Ukraine conflict.

"We have looked at this very closely. In any scenario, French gas stocks, in particular, and European gas inventories in general, are sufficient to get through the winter" Beaune stated.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that the coming days will be key in the Ukraine standoff following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who hinted that some progress had been made in the discussions.

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Putin claimed the first meeting he had with a Western leader since the Kremlin began massing troops near its neighbour was productive, but he also reiterated his threat of war if Ukraine joins NATO.

Russia demands security guarantees, including no missile deployments near its borders and a reduction in NATO's military infrastructure, as it vies for influence in post-Cold War Europe. Some of Russia's demands have been labelled "non-starters" by the West, but it is willing to discuss arms control and confidence-building measures.

Macron met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for more than five hours over dinner on Monday. "The coming few days will be critical and will necessitate extensive discussions that we will pursue together, Macron said."

Some of Macron's suggestions, according to Putin, could help defuse the crisis. "I believe a number of his ideas, proposals, which are perhaps still too early to discuss, might form the basis for our future joint steps," he said.