In a dispute over post-Brexit fishing licences, Britain attempted to isolate France, but the bloc stood united, according to junior European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune, who added that if the fishing issue is not resolved by a Friday deadline, France will ask the European Union to start litigation.

"Boris Johnson convinced himself that he could isolate the French. We've re-mobilised the Europeans to ensure that the deal is respected" Beaune said.

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Beaune has said that roughly 100 fishing licences have still not arrived and that Britain's refusal to accept the EU Commission's fishing deadline is not a sign of trust.

The dispute broke out after Britain exited the European Union, with Paris claiming that London should have granted more French boats with licences to fish in British territorial waters.

Paris has repeatedly accused London of behaving in bad faith and failing to honour the post-Brexit trade agreement. Britain claims to be abiding by the post-Brexit agreements.

Tensions erupted in October when France briefly seized a British fishing boat in its seas, and both nations sent ships to the waters outside the English Channel island of Jersey earlier this year.