On Tuesday, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire stated that the country's growth this year will be significantly greater than the government's current projection of 6.25%.

Even while the spike of the Omicron coronavirus variant was impacting some sectors, Le Maire said that there was no risk of the economy being paralysed.

"There may be some challenges in January, but there is no risk of Omicron paralysing the economy," he stated.

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The latest COVID-19 variant, which is sweeping the globe, has pushed France's average number of daily new cases to a new high of 167,338, a number that increased almost fivefold in a month.

Le Maire maintained the government's projection of 4% economic growth for this year, but he anticipated that gross domestic product (GDP) would be much higher than the current government forecast of 6.25%.

This projection is at the low end of a range of official estimates, with the Banque de France predicting 6.7% growth in 2021, the IMF 6.75%, and the OECD 6.8%.

"France will have a public deficit in 2021 that is 'significantly lower' than 8% of gross domestic product, whereas the government had predicted an 8.2% ratio," Le Maire said.