Instead of decreasing gasoline taxes, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that he was in favour of giving out "petrol cheques" to help low-income households manage increasing energy prices.

"I prefer petrol checks to tax cuts," said Le Maire, adding that the latter approach may be interpreted as an endorsement of fossil energy, upon which the government wants to reduce its reliance.

According to French Environment Minister Barbara Pompili, the government was attempting to set up these "petrol cheques," but added that doing so was a difficult process.

Le Maire mentioned that if energy prices stayed at present high levels, the French state could gain an additional 2.5 billion euros in VAT for 2021. However, he stated that this was not an additional fiscal income for the government, as it was already spending over 5 billion euros in assisting households in paying their heating bills.

The government had stated that it was considering expanding the benefit of energy vouchers to additional households in order to alleviate the expense of rising energy bills. Currently, energy vouchers are granted to nearly 5.5 million French households.