France is still short of roughly 150 post-Brexit fishing licences, according to Maritime Minister Annick Girardin, who also hinted at financial compensation for impacted fishermen while discussions on the subject continue.

Tensions over the licences drove both countries to send maritime vessels to the Jersey coast this year, with France briefly seizing a British fishing boat that was in their waters in October.

"We will continue to fight every day to get what is rightfully ours and to get those 150 licences," Girardin said.

Annick Girardin consolidates the Ministry of the Sea - France

The issue revolves around the issuance of fishing licences in territorial waters six to twelve nautical miles off the coasts of the UK, as well as in the seas off Jersey, a crown dependency in the English Channel.

Following Britain's exit from the European Union, the neighbours have been at odds over the number of licences London granted to French fishing boats. Many are missing, according to France, while London claims to be respecting the agreement.

The French Maritime Minister told a meeting of the French fishing industry on Thursday that she regretted Jersey's "limited willingness" to cooperate with France and that compensation packages were being developed.

"I can tell you that we'll be putting together a package of at least 40 million euros ($45.40 million) to assist them with their finances," she said.