As the two sides prepare for new discussions, the United Kingdom said it will look at the European Union's ideas to repair post-Brexit disruption in Northern Ireland "very positively and constructively."

On Wednesday, Brexit minister David Frost stated in the House of Lords, "We wait to see what the EU proposes to us." also adding that “We are beginning a negotiation and we’ve got a track record of reaching successful outcomes in negotiations. I hope we will do so again this time.”

Frost's remarks come just hours before Maros Sefcovic, the EU's senior Brexit negotiator is set to unveil the bloc's plans for reducing trade disruption in Northern Ireland, an issue that has seen Britain threaten to postpone crucial aspects of the Brexit divorce agreement.

EU will request extension to pass Brexit deal, says UK's Frost –

The EU's plans are expected to include a 50% reduction in customs checks and an 80% reduction in sanitary inspections on food crossing the Irish Sea.

“We very much want to get into an intensive talks process on those proposals,” Frost said. “We would like to find a permanent solution to this problem.”