Provisional calculations by the Federal Statistical Office showed that over 45.2 million individuals living in Germany were employed in October 2021. Following an average monthly increase of 48,000 individuals, or 0.1%, from March to September 2021, the seasonally adjusted number of people employed increased by 34,000 (+0.1%) in October 2021 compared to the previous month. 

The number of people working is still lower than it was before the crisis. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the number of people employed in October 2021 was 368,000 fewer than in February 2020, the month before Germany's coronavirus crisis began. 

Without seasonal adjustment, the number of people employed in October 2021 increased by 122,000 (+0.3%) MoM. In October 2021, the number of people working increased by 0.6% (+268,000) YoY.

Jobs in demand in Germany and job-seeking tips

Until May 2021, this calculated positive YoY change was mostly owing to a large drop in the number of people employed in the spring of 2020, when measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic began to have a significant impact on the labour market. 

Nonetheless, since the summer of 2021, a clear upward trend has emerged, which extends beyond the base effect and continued in October.

In October 2021, 1.31 million people were unemployed, according to calculations based on the labour force survey. In comparison to October 2020, this was a decrease of 305,000 (-18.9%). The unemployment rate stood at 3.0% (October 2020: 3.7%).

Adjusted for seasonal and irregular effects like weather or strikes, the number of unemployed stood at 1.40 million, a decrease from September 2021 (-17,700 people; -1.2%). In October 2021, the adjusted unemployment rate stayed at 3.3%.