Germany's incoming chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has stated that if inflation does not fall from its current high, his government will be forced to intervene.

Rising inflation is linked to government spending to combat the coronavirus pandemic, as well as rising energy prices, and it cannot be tolerated in the long run, Scholz said in an interview with Bild TV on Tuesday. He alluded to analysts' predictions that price increases would slow.

“If that isn’t the case, we have to do something,” Scholz said, without specifying what that action might entail. “We should not be aiming for high inflation like we have today.”

Scholz did also have a few comments on the vaccine mandate in Germany saying "The German parliament will decide if there should be mandatory vaccinations," also adding that "The vaccine mandate is to be voted on by the German parliament this year."

Olaf Scholz wants mandatory coronavirus vaccination for Germans by February  – POLITICO