In August, according to provisional data from Destatis, seasonally and calendar adjusted real (price adjusted) incoming orders in the manufacturing sector decreased by -7.7% MoM. This decrease followed strong increases in July (+4.9%) and June (+4.6%). Excluding large orders, incoming manufacturing orders decreased by -5.1%.

Incoming orders for the manufacture of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts dropped by -12.0%, and metal production and processing by -9.6%. Manufacturers complained about delivery bottlenecks for preliminary products.

Seasonally and calendar adjusted order intake increased by +8.5% compared to the last pre-pandemic month of February 2020, and by +11.7% YoY (calendar adjusted) when the pandemic damaged order intake.

Domestic and foreign orders decreased by -5.2% and -9.5% respectively MoM. Incoming orders from the Eurozone climbed by +1.6%, while orders from the rest of the world decreased by -15.2%.

Incoming orders at the manufacturers of intermediate goods decreased by -2.8% MoM, as manufacturers of capital goods recorded a decline of -11.1%. Orders dropped by -2.7% in the consumer goods sector.

For July, after the provisional results were revised, there was a MoM increase of +4.9% (provisional value of +3.4%). This deviation was attributed to late reports of major orders for manufacturing metal products, mechanical engineering, and other vehicle construction.

Real, seasonally and calendar adjusted sales in the manufacturing sector decreased by -5.9% MoM, matching last year’s values.

Seasonally and calendar adjusted sales were down -10.2% compared to the pre-pandemic month of February 2020.

For July, after the provisional results were revised, sales increased by +1.9% MoM.