Despite a slight decline in storage levels from the previous week, Germany does not see any gas supply shortages, according to a German economy ministry spokesperson when asked whether reserves were still increasing.

The capacity of German gas storage is higher than it is in other countries, including Britain. "As a result, the amount of available gas in Germany is greater than in some countries which have their the tanks 100% full," the spokesperson explained.

Storage facilities are now at roughly 70% full, down from 75% last week, but the ministry still expects the facilities to continue to be filled as suppliers honour their contracts, according to the spokesperson.

"The decrease in the level of gas reserves is simply because the first gas volumes are now being removed from the storage facility," she explained. "However, this is quite common at the start of the colder months."

When asked if Germany continued to receive all contractually agreed gas volumes from Russian government-owned energy company Gazprom, she mentioned that as far as the ministry was aware, Gazprom had completed its contractual responsibilities to date.

"The Federal Government is continuing to keep a careful eye on the situation," she added.