On Wednesday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that energy companies that have made profits might have to contribute to efforts to keep household and business costs from rising.

Italy's Draghi, with lucrative state pensions, renounces salary as PM |  Reuters

With worldwide energy costs continuing to rise, Draghi told parliament that the government was prepared to provide additional funds if needed to keep household energy bills from rising, but added that energy companies must also play a large part.

"It's difficult to imagine a structural solution that does not consider the profits made by electricity and other kinds of businesses as a result of rising gas prices," Draghi said.

"It's tough not to call on the corporations that have achieved huge profits to help with cost-cutting."

Draghi said that he believes “we will achieve all of our recovery plan goals for this year.” Adding that “the EU should keep exploring the potential of a unified strategic gas stockpile.”