On Monday (October 4), Fumio Kishida was inaugurated as Japan's 100th prime minister after receiving a majority of votes in both Houses of Parliament.

Kishida, a 64-year-old former foreign minister with a reputation as a low-key consensus builder, was named leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party last week.

Kishida's freshly revealed cabinet comprises governing party veterans as well as friends of previous conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. However, the bulk of the 20 positions have been filled by persons with no prior cabinet experience, in keeping with Kishida's commitment to providing people new opportunities.

However, a surprise snap general election is planned for October 31, according to public network NHK, which claimed Kishida will announce the dissolution of parliament on October 14 during his first press conference as Prime Minister.

Kishida succeeds former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who resigned after only a year in office due to widespread criticism of his management of the global health crisis, which has harmed the Liberal Democratic Party's popularity.

Fumio Kashida elected new Prime Minister of Japan - Meczyki.Net

Early Comments From New PM Kishida

Following the coronavirus pandemic, the government will quickly implement new economic policies to assist individuals in need. We will quickly put an economic package together. We will try to prevent technological leakage by appointing an economic security minister. We will accelerate Japan's digital transformation, triggered by the pandemic.

In some areas, China appears to be attempting to change the existing status quo with force. China is our major trading partner, we must continue talks with them

I would like to discuss with Biden what is possible in terms of ridding the world of nuclear weapons. Our foreign policy will continue to be built on the cornerstone of the Japan-US alliance.

We need to think about tax on investments.

I plan to attend G20 and COP26 remotely if possible.

I will put my utmost effort into creating a world that is free of nuclear weapons.

We are ready to meet with N. Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un without preconditions.