The stock prices of Nio, Li Auto, and Xpeng are all rising on Wednesday. The advances are due to the fact that it is the beginning of a new month, which means electric vehicle manufacturers are reporting their delivery figures.

Starting with NIO, the business delivered 10,878 vehicles in November, up 105.6% year over year, bringing the total year-to-date deliveries to 80,940, a 120.4% gain. This is also a significant increase from the 3,667 delivery in October. As a result, NIO stock soared at the start of the day, reaching a high of $40.78. They're up 1.5% right now.Xpeng Motors Gets $400 Million In Series C Funding From Xiaomi, Others

Li Auto recorded 13,485 deliveries in November, up 190.2% from the previous month and up from the 7,649 reported in October. As a result, the total number of deliveries for the 11 months ending November 30 was 76,404. Li shares have risen in tandem with NIO, reaching a high of $37.45 in early trading. They're up 2.8% right now.

XPeng outpaced both NIO and Li, with November vehicle deliveries hitting 15,613, a 270% growth year-over-year and much beyond the 10,138 reported in October. Year-to-date deliveries have already surpassed 82,155, a 285% increase. Despite the strong delivery performance, XPeng's stock has been unable to hold onto its opening gains, with the company being down 1.5% after initially gaining to $56.45.