According to calculations based on an Interfax report citing energy ministry statistics, Russian oil and gas condensate output increased to 10.84 million barrels per day (bpd) in October from 10.72 million bpd in September. 

Interfax reported that total oil and condensate output was 45.86 million tonnes last month, up from 43.86 million tonnes a day in September. Last month's level was the highest since April 2020, when 11.34 million bpd was pumped. 

On Thursday, the OPEC+ group of key oil producers, which includes Russia, will meet to discuss future production plans. 

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Under the present agreement, the group will increase its monthly output by 400,000 barrels per day, which Kuwait and Iraq have declared they will support despite US calls for more supplies to cool increasing prices.

Despite China announcing the release of fuel reserves to improve market supply and support price stability in some regions, Brent oil prices were trading near $85 a barrel on Monday.

According to Interfax, Russia's gas production, which is dominated by the state gas pipeline monopoly Gazprom, increased to 65.81 billion cubic metres in October from 61.05 billion cubic metres in September.

The data does not reveal Gazprom's production levels, which are in the limelight as European spot gas prices rise. On Monday, the company announced that gas production in October reached 44.5 billion cubic metres, the highest monthly figure since 2013.