According to surveys conducted by SECO, 120,294 unemployed individuals were registered at regional employment centres (RAV) at the end of September, a MoM decrease of 6,061. The unemployment rate decreased MoM from 2.7% to 2.6%. Furthermore, unemployment decreased by 28,266 people (-19.0%) YoY.

In September, youth unemployment (people aged 15-24) declined by 1,248 people (-9.0%) to 12,553. This corresponds to a YoY decrease of 6,517 people (-34.2%).

The number of unemployed people aged 50-64 declined by 1,481 people (-3.9%) to 36,546, and therefore resulted in a YoY decrease of 3,330 people (-8.4%).

The total number of registered job seekers was 208,282, a MoM decline of 6,133. This corresponds to a YoY decrease of 29,863 people (-12.5%).

The number of vacancies registered with RAV increased by 2,138 to 60,588. Of these positions, 46,428 were subject to mandatory reporting.

In July, short-time work affected 67,807 people, a MoM decrease of 94,483 (-58.2%). The number of companies affected fell by 9,605 units (-45.5%) to 11,485. The number of hours lost reduced by 5,055,188 (-59.4%) to 3,449,215 hours. Comparatively, in July 2020, 20,403,950 lost hours were recorded, which were allocated among 347,638 workers in 39,071 firms.

According to preliminary data from unemployment insurance funds, there were 2,472 people who exhausted their right to unemployment benefits in July.