Target said that employees who work shifts during the holiday season's peak days will be paid $2 an hour more.

Target eyes new era of sustainability with 'Target Forward' | Supermarket  News

Store and service center employees who work on Saturdays and Sundays from Nov. 20 to Dec. 19, on Christmas Eve, or the day after Christmas will receive the extra salary. Target said in a statement on its website that certain headquarters employees are also eligible.

Hourly supply chain workers can earn the extra compensation during busy two-week periods between Oct. 10 and Dec. 18, when goods must be moved to shelves and packed into boxes. The exact time will be determined by where the employees work.

The minimum pay at Target is $15 per hour. As many businesses struggle to fill jobs and focus on employee retention, the company is sweetening the deal by offering even higher pay for holiday workers. In September, Korn Ferry, a people consulting firm, asked 176 U.S. retailers to see if they were having problems hiring, and only 2% said it wasn't an issue.

Target announced last month that it would reduce seasonal hiring and instead give it's roughly 300,000 current retail employees greater hours. It has launched an app that allows employees to take up an extra shift on demand if they want a more flexible schedule to accommodate child care or college education.

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