According to new guidance from the Office of Personnel Management, federal agencies in the US have been directed to raise the minimum wage for government employees to $15 per hour.

The directive would affect about 70,000 federal employees, the majority of whom work at the Departments of Defense, Agriculture, and Veteran Affairs, said a statement issued by the Office of Personnel Management on Friday.

President Biden made blue-collar workers a priority of his presidential campaign, claiming that strong unions and increased wages could resurrect America's middle class while bridging economic and racial inequalities.

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Last year, Biden issued an executive order boosting the hourly wage of federal contract workers to $15.

"Increasing pay rates across the federal government to at least $15 per hour reflects our gratitude for the federal employees and our values as a nation," Kiran Ahuja, Director of the Office of Personnel Management, said in the statement.

The Office of Personnel Management has asked agencies to implement the new wage by January 30, with the exception of the US Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission, according to the statement.