The European Commission gave Microsoft full antitrust approval for its $16 billion acquisition of Nuance Communications, a business that specializes in artificial intelligence and speech technology.

The acquisition, which comes after Microsoft's $26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn in 2016, will strengthen Microsoft's position in cloud services for healthcare.

It has already received regulatory permission in the United States and Australia, and a major Newswire reported earlier this month that it was on its way to receiving approval in the European Union.Microsoft reveals new logo - new image? | ZDNet

The Commission decided that the purchase would not significantly restrict competition in the markets for transcription software, cloud services, enterprise communication services, PC operating systems, and other items after conducting an inquiry into it.

"The proposed transaction would raise no competition concerns on any of the markets examined in the European Economic Area," the Commission stated.

Nuance, situated in the United States, services 77 % of U.S. hospitals and assisted in the creation of Apple's Siri virtual assistant.

The Commission stated that it had looked at problems such as the overlap between Microsoft and Nuance's transcription software activities and discovered that they produced "very different products" that, when merged, would face robust competition from other companies.

As more organizations integrate AI into their products and services, tech companies have increased their acquisitions of AI-focused firms.