The European Commission is convening talks to try to defuse an escalating dispute over fishing rights that has strained relations between France and the United Kingdom in recent weeks.

On Monday, an EU official announced that a video meeting would be held “by the commission this afternoon, bringing together senior officials from the commission, France, the UK, as well as from Jersey and Guernsey, to allow for a swift solution on the outstanding issues”.

The announcement came just hours after Britain's foreign secretary warned that the country would not "roll over" in the dispute, as Paris threatened to halt the flow of UK exports on Tuesday unless a deal was reached.

France's plan to escalate the dispute, according to Liz Truss, is "completely unwarranted," and Britain is prepared to use dispute resolution mechanisms under its Brexit trade deal with the EU to resolve the issue.

"The French need to withdraw these threats," Truss told the BBC on Monday, as relations between the two countries reached a new low. "Weare simply not going to roll over in the face of these threats."

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The row over post-Brexit fishing licenses is part of a larger set of grievances pitting UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson against French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron is also enraged that Britain is attempting to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol, which is part of the UK's withdrawal agreement with the EU, and the issue of migrants crossing the English Channel is a recurring irritant.

Tensions over fishing rights have been simmering for months, following the UK's failure to issue permits for some small French boats to fish in British waters under the Brexit agreement.

If the dispute is not resolved by Tuesday, Paris has announced that it will increase customs and sanitary controls on freight, conduct stricter checks on trucks entering and leaving France, and prohibit trawlers from landing their catch in French ports.