According to French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune, European governments will unveil measures within days to apply pressure on London to adhere to the Brexit agreements signed with the bloc when Britain left the EU.

He did not specify what those measures might be, but he did say that Britain is reliant on energy supplies from Europe.

He expressed France's displeasure with the British dependent Jersey's decision to deny fishing permits to dozens of French vessels. “We are growing tired of the issue regarding French fishing licenses after Brexit,” he said, stating that the EU might use the energy card to put pressure on the UK regarding fishing.

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"Enough is enough; we have a deal negotiated by France, led by Michel Barnier, and it should be followed to the letter. It isn't being," he said, alluding to former EU head Brexit negotiator, who is French.

"We will take actions at the European level or at the national level to impose pressure on the UK in the coming days, and I spoke with my European counterparts about this yesterday."

"We fight for what we believe in. We do it in a kind and diplomatic manner, but if that doesn't work, we resort to taking measures" Beaune added.

"For example, since we're talking about energy, we can imagine that the UK is reliant on our energy supplies," Beaune added. "It believes it can exist on its own and hammer Europe."