Tesla employees at the company's new Gruenheide facility outside Berlin are forming a works council, but the majority of the personnel hired so far are middle or senior managers, Germany's largest union said on Tuesday.

Seven Tesla employees, none of whom are members of IG Metall, have arranged a meeting for Monday to choose an election committee for a council that would serve for a minimum of two years

"We're glad there's been a start," said Birgit Dietze, head of IG Metall's regional office for Berlin-Brandenburg-Saxony, where Tesla's manufacturing is located.

"What matters is that the workers' council is truly representative of all employees... for us, it's a little early."

A request for comment from Tesla was not immediately returned.

According to German labor law, employees must work for a firm for six months before running for a works council election, implying that any new body formed in the near future will be dominated by management figures, according to the union.

A fresh election can only be held after two years, and only if the workforce has more than doubled, according to Dietze. According to IG Metall, Tesla has hired around one-sixth of the 12,000 people expected to be hired for the site so far.Tesla Wins Most American-Made Car Title - CleanTechnica

The American electric vehicle manufacturer is functioning in Gruenheide under pre-approval licenses while waiting for local authorities to give the go-ahead to begin manufacturing. By the end of 2021, Tesla aims to have received final approval.

Elon Musk, the company's CEO, has already clashed with organized labor and was forced to delete a tweet from 2018 threatening to deprive U.S. employees of their stock options if they established a union in March.

IG Metall established a serviced office near the Gruenheide plant early this year. According to Dietze, the union would not have argued for the establishment of a works council until a larger group of workers had been hired.