On Monday, shares of Airbnb gained more than 3% as multiple analysts raised their price estimates for the firm as transatlantic travel demand picks up.

The company reported third-quarter profits on Thursday, and the stock climbed about 13%.

On Monday, Piper Sandler, Susquehanna, Loop Capital, Wells Fargo, and DA Davidson all boosted their price targets, taking into account Airbnb's profits.Airbnb will now have a 'Party House Rapid Response Team' | Esquire Middle East

The major issue in most letters, however, was the surge in travel demand, with the United States now accepting vaccinated visitors by plane from all over the world, particularly the United Kingdom and Europe. Airbnb, according to Susquehanna analyst Scott Devitt, is a "must-own stock" for the recovery.

After nearly two years, the United States has lifted its restriction on international travelers from more than 30 nations, which will undoubtedly increase demand for Airbnb. It's no surprise, then, that the stock is once again attracting the attention of analysts.

Piper Sandler raised its price target for Airbnb to $215 from $175, Susquehanna raised it to $235 from $200, Loop Capital raised it to $250 from $205, Wells Fargo raised it to $225 from $210, and DA Davidson raised it to $230 from $215.