OLB Group saw its stock soar Tuesday as the business said that it is ready to accept Bitcoin payments through Mastercard right away.

After originally surging to a high of $8.40 per share, OLB shares are currently trading roughly 45 % higher than Monday's closing.

Merchants who use OLB's OmniSoft business management software and SecurePay Payment Gateway Platform can turn on Mastercard cryptocurrency transaction processing at any moment, according to the company.

Mastercard has announced that clients in the United States can now buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies through retailers, banks, and fintech companies.

"Mastercard's recent announcement that it will support cryptocurrency should hasten public acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions," said Ronny Yakov, CEO of the OLB Group.

"Through our OmniSoft and SecurePay portfolios, we've enabled crypto commerce, allowing merchants to offer a diverse range of payment options that meet customers' expectations," he continued.

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