Almost two years after its public debut, people are still submitting reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck at an astonishing rate.

With only months until production begins, Tesla has received more than 17,000 orders for the Cybertruck in the last week alone, pushing the total to more than 1.25 million. Since May 2021, when the reservation spreadsheet surpassed the 1 million thresholds, around 250,000 pre-orders had been placed.

According to data from a fan-created online reservation tracker, the Tesla Cybertruck has received 1,256,487 unauthorized pre-orders so far. Tesla would earn a stunning $79 billion in sales if they materialize into solid orders.

Unsurprisingly, with such a large number of orders, the Cybertruck would be the market leader in the electric pickup truck area. Some competitors, on the other hand, have garnered significant reservation numbers as well. Only two and a half months after its debut, Ford's F-150 Lightning has surpassed 120,000 pre-orders.Cybertruck | Tesla United Kingdom

Returning to the Cybertruck, the same unofficial source claims that the Dual Motor configuration accounts for roughly 48% of total bookings, while the Single Motor configuration accounts for only about 7% of total pre-orders.

Elon Musk, it turns out, has no cause to be concerned about the Cybertruck's failure. However, with such a large number of reservations, owners will most certainly have to wait a long time to receive their Tesla electric pickups.

Any output delays would exacerbate the situation. Tesla just confirmed that the Model Y crossover will be produced first at Giga Texas, the site that will create the Cybertruck. Although Elon Musk has stated that low-volume manufacturing would begin before the end of this year, followed by major production in 2022, there is no definitive launch date for the Cybertruck.