China Evergrande Group shares have been suspended from trading on Monday awaiting the publication of "inside information", according to the property developer.

Evergrande, the world's most indebted developer, is struggling to repay over $300 billion in liabilities, including almost $20 billion of international market bonds that were considered to be in cross-default by ratings agencies last month after it missed payments.

The property developer missed new coupon payments totalling $255 million that were due last Tuesday, although they each have a 30-day grace period. The company has formed a risk management committee with many members drawn from state companies, and has stated that it would actively engage with its creditors.

Understanding China's Evergrande Crisis – Forbes Advisor

It was reported over the weekend that the city government of Hainan, a Chinese resort island, had ordered Evergrande December 30 to demolish its 39 residential complexes within 10 days owing to illegal construction on. The buildings covered 435,000 square metres.

Evergrande revised its plans to repay investors in its wealth management products on Friday, saying that each investor may expect to receive 8,000 yuan ($1,257) per month as principal payment for three months, regardless of when the investment matures.

The move highlights the property developer's tightening liquidity squeeze.

Evergrande announced last week that after three months of effort, 91.7% of its nationwide projects have resumed construction. Many projects had been suspended as a result of the developer's failure to pay its numerous suppliers and contractors. 

Evergrande's stock fell by 89% last year, closing at HK$1.59 on Friday.