Due to a technical malfunction, Iran has suspended gas flows to Turkey for up to 10 days, prompting Turkish authorities to instruct gas-fired power plants to reduce gas use by 40%, industry officials said on Thursday.

Turkish natural gas distributors have also been directed to reduce supply to 60% for major consumers, except for those using it for heating, according to Turkish sector officials, who added that schools and hospitals will be exempt.

Iran has alerted Turkey of a 10-day cut in natural gas flows, although efforts are ongoing to resume flows sooner, the officials added.

Iran-Turkey gas exports halted after pipeline explosion near border | Middle East Eye

Turkey is almost entirely reliant on imported gas from Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. According to the most recent official data, Iran alone supplied 16% of Turkey's natural gas consumption in the first 10 months of 2021.

Energy prices in Turkey have risen dramatically, owing to global rises and a 44% drop in the lira against the dollar last year.

This month, electricity prices were raised by up to 125% for high-demand commercial customers and by roughly 50% for lower-demand households.

Natural gas prices increased by 25% for residential usage and 50% for industrial use in January, according to national distributor BOTAS. Power generators saw a 15% price increase.