The stock of Uber plummeted 6.3% on Friday as the appearance of a new coronavirus type in South Africa raised fears of further travel restrictions in the country.

Whether the virus is under lockdown or not, consumers will be hesitant to use ride-hailing services if it spreads.

Last week, Austria and Slovakia implemented lockdowns, and Germany, Europe's largest economy, is considering doing so as well, despite the Covid-19 spike in those nations is unrelated to the new type.

The United Kingdom today halted flights to and from six African nations, while the European Commission proposes new travel controls to stem the spread of the virus.Beginner's Guide to Uber

The company's decision to suspend operations in Brussels with effect from today added to the negative mood for Uber stock.

After a Brussels court ruled on Wednesday that a 2015 ban on private individuals supplying taxi services also applies to professional drivers, the move was made.

Around 2,000 Uber drivers would be affected by the decision, according to Uber. It asked the Belgian government to alter taxi laws as soon as possible.

Even before the stock could recover from the blows of the previous lockdown, the price dropped today.