In August, the UK GDP is estimated to have increased by 0.4% MoM, and remains 0.8% below its pre-COVID level from February 2020, with all sectors below their pre-COVID levels.

Services output increased by 0.3%, with consumer-facing services output increasing by 1.2% and all other services increasing by 0.1%. All other services are now 0.4% higher than their pre-COVID levels, whereas consumer-facing services remain 4.7% lower. Overall, services output remains 0.6% below its pre-COVID level.

The main contributors to the growth in services were accommodation and food service activities, and arts, entertainment, and recreation. However, declines were registered in health output and retail trade.

Production output climbed by 0.8%, following a 0.3% growth in July. This was mainly attributed to the continued increase in crude petroleum and natural gas extraction following the recent temporary shutdown of oil field production sites for planned maintenance The highest contributor the the growth in services was mining and quarrying, which increased by 16.0%.

Construction decreased by 0.2% MoM, bringing the industry to 1.5% below its pre-COVID level.

GDP growth for July has been revised down by 0.2%, to a 0.1% decline following 5 consecutive months of growth. This was mostly attributed to downwardly revised statistics for the manufacture of motor vehicles, oil and gas, and improvements in how health output is calculated.