Britain's Brexit minister David Frost stated that the European Union must make major changes if a deal on the Northern Irish side of the Brexit divorce deal is to be reached. 

The EU gave Britain a package of measures to make the transit of goods to Northern Ireland easier.

Frost stated that the EU's proposals were ultimately unacceptable as London sought a major compromise from Brussels on the role of Court of Justice oversight in Northern Ireland.

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Frost said "they will need to compromise if we are to find a solution; there needs to be major change if we are to achieve an agreed solution."

"All I can say is that the governance issue needs to be taken seriously," Frost said. "If the EU is willing to have a discussion about it in which they move away from existing positions, clearly we will be pleased to have that conversation."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the so-called Northern Ireland protocol as part of his Brexit deal in 2020, but has since said it was rushed and no longer serves the interests of Northern Ireland's people.

Frost has been pleading with the EU for months to make some adjustments to the protocol in order to facilitate trade in some goods between the UK and Northern Ireland.