Following complaints from consumer groups, the European Commission has given WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Facebook, until the end of February to explain modifications to its privacy policy and whether it conforms with EU consumer protection legislation.

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and eight of its members filed complaints with the EU executive and the European network of consumer authorities, alleging that WhatsApp was pressuring users to accept a new privacy policy that allows it to share some data with Facebook and other group companies.WhatsApp has until end of Feb to clarify privacy policy change, EU says | Nasdaq

Didier Reynders, the EU Justice Commissioner, said he shares the concerns and has requested WhatsApp to clarify the policy and determine whether it conforms with EU consumer protection laws.

In a statement, he stated, "WhatsApp has until the end of February to come back to us with solid assurances on how they will resolve our concerns."

Concerns include whether the corporation offers enough information about its new terms of service and whether the messages asking customers to accept the new terms and privacy policy are reasonable.

The European Commission expressed worry regarding the transmission of users' personal data between WhatsApp and third parties or other Facebook/Meta firms, according to the Commission.

A WhatsApp spokeswoman said, "We look forward to explaining to the European Commission how we protect our users' privacy in conformity with our obligations under EU law."