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Today is Wednesday the 7th of June or Thursday the 8th of June, depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.


A key dollar index reversed losses after the BoC followed the RBA's lead and raised interest rates unexpectedly on Wednesday. Increasing US yields aided the dollar's recovery against the yen. While the Federal Reserve is expected to hold off on raising interest rates next week, swaps show officials will tighten at their July meeting.


7:50 PM ET

Japanese Current Account NSA Yen - Forecast: 1650B | Prior: 2,278.1B
Japanese GDP Revised QoQ - Forecast: 0.5% | Prior: 0.4%
Japanese GDP Rev QoQ Annualised - Forecast: 1.9% | Prior: 1.6%

9:30 PM ET

Australian Trade Balance - Forecast: 13,650M | Prior: 15,269M

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