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Today is Sunday the 16th of July or Monday the 17th of July, depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.


The dollar's slight advances on Friday, the first in six days, did little to halt the greenback's worst week in eight months, according to the Bloomberg currency index. On Friday, the yen fell as US yields rose, while commodity currencies led G-10 losses versus the dollar.


10:00 PM ET

Chinese Urban Investment YTD YoY - Forecast: 3.4% | Prior: 4.0%
Chinese Unemployment Rate - Forecast: 5.2% | Prior: 5.2%
Chinese Retail Sales YoY - Forecast: 3.3% | Prior: 12.7%
Chinese Industrial Output YoY -  Forecast: 2.5% | Prior: 3.5%
Chinese GDP YoY - Forecast: 7.1% | Prior: 4.5%
Chinese GDP QoQ SA - Forecast: 0.8% | Prior: 2.2%

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