Welcome, Traders!
Today is Wednesday the 19th of July or Thursday the 20th of July, depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.


For the second day in a row, a measure of the strength of the US dollar rose. Among Group-of-10 currencies, the British pound fell the most, followed by the yen. UK inflation fell faster than predicted, forcing traders to reduce their expectations on interest rate hikes.


7:50 PM ET

Japanese Total Trade Balance - Forecast: -54.35B | Prior: -1,372.5B
Japanese Imports YoY - Forecast: -11.4% | Prior: -9.9%
Japanese Exports YoY - Forecast: 2.6% | Prior: 0.6%

9:15 PM ET

PBoC Interest Rate 1 Yr - Forecast is for no change at 3.55%.
PBoC Interest Rate 5 Yr - Forecast is for no change at 4.20%.

9:30 PM ET

Australian Unemployment Rate - Forecast: 3.6% | Prior: 3.6%
Australian Employment Change - Forecast: 15k | Prior: 75.9k

Good luck!