Welcome, Traders!
Today is Tuesday the 8th of August or Wednesday the 9th of August, depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.


The US dollar index rose to its highest level in almost a month, as Treasury yields fell amid concerns ranging from China's economy to the soundness of US and Italian banks. The US dollar was stronger versus all of its G-10 currency peers.


7:50 PM ET

Japanese M2 Money Supply - Forecast: | Prior: 2.6%

9:30 PM ET

Chinese CPI YoY - Forecast: -0.4% | Prior 0.0%
Chinese PPI YoY - Forecast: -4% | Prior: -5.4%

11:00 PM ET

New Zealand Inflation Forecast 2 Yrs - Forecast: | Prior: 2.79%

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